Terms and Conditions


These Terms apply to all bookings made and services offered by Summer Legacy for reservations made online, or by phone, fax, sms, email or any other communication mechanism:

Transfer Service

CANCELLATION – For any cancellation made by the customer, cancellation fees will not apply unless less than 24 hours before departure (pick-up) the penalty is 100% of the total fare.

STRIKES OR PROTESTS – The transfer service does not assume any responsibility for any arrivals / departures affected by strikes or protests.

TERRORISM ACTS OF WAR – The transfer service does not assume responsibility for any arrivals / departures affected by acts of war or terrorism worldwide.

SMOKERS – Customers are invited to observe the rule of not smoking in our transport vehicles.

TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN AND CHILDREN – In the reserve must indicate the number of children (also  their age / weight) traveling so that we can, wherever possible, book a suitable seat. It will always be the responsibility of the travelling companions of the children to provide seats, according to the legislation.

UNACCOMPANIED MINORS – Summer Legacy welcomes the opportunity to serve younger when accompanied by a responsible adult, but does not accept reservations for unaccompanied children under 13 years old.

USER ERROR – The customer is responsible for providing accurate information when booking. When you provide this information, Summer Legacy believes that the information is true and accurate, so we are not responsible for mistakes made in the confirmation email or the telephone contacts that occur.

HOURS OF OPERATION – 24 hours a day and every day of the year. Customers are asked to observe punctuality in the indicated times.

SERVICE SHARED TRANSPORTATION – wherever possible, the transfer service is private for customers but in case of force majeure and after consultation for authorization it may be that we have to operated the transport in shared mode.

ARRIVALS LATE – Summer Legacy assumes no responsibility for late arrivals in excess of an hour from the scheduled time of arrival. If the arrival of customers is processed with extreme delay, whenever possible, the company will try to pick up the client, but without any obligation. If the transfer is unable to get the customer because of problems with the flight, all refund claims should be directed to the airline concerned according to European legislation.

VEHICLES – In extreme circumstances and high season periods, the transfer service reserves the right to replace the van / sedan, for other forms of transportation such as taxi, other vehicles, etc. which will necessarily be in the traditional shuttle service standard.

LUGGAGE – Each passenger may carry one (1) bag over one (1) hand luggage. Any other items not mentioned above, will only be accepted if formally approved by Summer Legacy. Passengers are fully responsible for the content of their luggage, as well as their administrative, civil, criminal or tax arising, according to current law. The passengers claim to be aware of its full responsibility that it is prohibited to transport goods that characterize the practice of trade, smuggling or embezzlement.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR LUGGAGE – Damaged items, natural wear for personal items, is typical of the process of handling during transport. Transport of large items such as luggage, can result in scratches and dents.Summer Legacy and its operators are not liable for damage such as broken handles / straps, broken wheels or mail feet or damage incurred as a result of excess baggage, packaged items improperly or fragile items.It is the client’s responsibility to ensure any stored belongings in the main compartment of the vehicle, are properly packaged and that any breakable items are protected during transport.The customer must report significant damage to any personal items while using the service immediately to Customer Service at . In these cases Summer Legacy will report the situation to the scope of its policy of liability insurance. Any lost object found on board transport vehicles will be returned to the headquarters. Customers are invited to collect goods lost from this address. The transfer service does not assume any responsibility for any luggage lost / stolen or damaged their vehicles or during shipment and delivery.

DANGEROUS PRODUCTS PROHIBITED – For safety reasons, articles such as the following should not be carried in your luggage unless they have been notified in writing:loaded firearms. corrosive materials. Explosives (Fireworks and articles which are easily flammable). Flammable liquids and solids. toxic, infectious substances. Radioactive materials. Gases (deeply refrigerated tablets, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous). Other dangerous goods (such as offensive or noxious materials).

Private Tours Service

This is a service on request, with a fixed price, PRIVATE mode door-to-door, reserved for individual groups. A group is defined as one or more people traveling together from the same place of departure (pick-up) at the same destination (drop-off) and for the same tour program.Private tour includes the transportation supply to one or more destinations in a preset period. Tours are conducted in 4 to 70 passenger cars, buses, minibuses, vans or sedans, at the company’s discretion and in accordance with the amount of people.

PAYMENT / CANCELLATION – All services must be flagged / cleared before the services are operated.For any cancellation made by the client, fees will be applied in the amount of 100% of the total rate.

SERVICES INCLUDED – all tour services include the type of private tour, mode door to door with driver. Food and entries in monuments, are not included in the value of each tour.

AVAILABILITY – The realization of tours depend on the availability of vehicles. At the time of reservation request will be evaluated and availability is the responsibility of Summer Legacy to warn the customer about the unavailability and offer alternative dates over a period of up to 24 hours before the reservation date.

DRIVER – Transportation vehicle has a qualified professional to drive the vehicle. The driver may also have or not guide qualities, which includes the ability to lead the group and still pass information on specific attractions set on the tour.

BOARDING OUT ALGARVE – It is permissible for the group that boarding is done outside Algarve. It is mandatory that the client report to be revision costs depending on distance from the boarding location and attractions chosen tour.

ADVERSE CONDITIONS – Summer Legacy does not cancel  tours and provides reimbursements due to meteorological issues, unless these conditions make it impossible for the vehicle to circulate.

ATTRACTIONS AVAILABILITY – Summer Legacy is not responsible or issue refunds for the price of the tour if national monuments are closed on the day of the tour, which can occur during holidays or emergencies.

DELAYS – Summer Legacy is not responsible for the impossibility of visiting all the attractions due to customer delays.


In compliance with the law nº 144/2015 we inform that for the resolution of conflicts of consumption, the arbitration committee of Turismo de Portugal must be contacted www.turismodeportugal.pt